Concierge Services

shutterstock_53344078The concierge team at The Harborview Towers provides a wide range of services to all residents and guests. In addition to valeting cars, receiving, storing and retrieving packages and laundry and greeting guests and contractors, The Harborview Towers’ concierge provides services such as:

  • The loading and unloading of vehicles (groceries, packages and baggage)
  • Delivery of groceries, packages and baggage to your unit
  • Receipt, notification and delivery of envelopes and packages to your unit upon request
  • Receipt, notification and delivery of stored packages to your unit when you are away
  • Signing for envelopes, packages, and time-sensitive materials upon arrival
  • Providing a turn-key service whenever you prefer that your spare key not be given to guests
  • Ensuring units are secure once contractors have left the building
  • The set-up and breakdown of the amenities for your meetings and events
  • Periodic watering of plants and starting of your vehicle while you’re away
  • Scheduling of transportation services or retrieving a taxi from Key Highway upon request
  • Reset of your individual heat pump in your unit
  • Providing restaurant menus and other establishments in the area
  • Assistance with parking issues (short term parking needs and illegally parked vehicles)
  • After-hour assistance with emergency leaks, flooding and lock-outs

For questions regarding the concierge services available, please contact The HarborView Towers’ front desk at 410-625-2598 or